Common Questions

Q: What is a Sound System? 

A sound system is a set of equipment for playing recorded music, or for making a band's/DJ’s music able to be heard by everyone at a venue. 

Q: What is a LED Moving Head?

Moving head lights are built with rotational mechanisms which allow beams of light to be cast all around your venue. Example: Shining a light on the Entrance, Stage, First Dance, club style dance lights, etc. 

Q: What is a Pin Spot? 

 Pin spot lighting is a technique that allows you to highlight special or significant elements at your event. Example: Shining a light on tables, buffet tables, decorations, etc. 

Q: What are Uplights?

Uplights are lights that are on the ground that shoot up walls and make them glow. Great for atmospheric lighting around the venue. 

Q: What are Screens and Projectors?

Great for viewing Slideshows, Next Day Edits and Videos

Q: What is an On-site Technician? 

An on-site technician is a skilled professional who manages the operations of the Inhouse-AV and ensures that the event goes smoothly. The Technician operates the lighting, screens and audio in the venue and provides helpful troubleshooting insight. 

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